Serving Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley & Sea to Sky


“The most valuable part of our business is each and every client.”
-Andrew & Ronalee


Our Services are Ideal for:

portable refrigerator outside a hotel


We have covered both private and large chain groups of hotels during breakdowns, renovations, restorations, and for extra storage. As hotels operate 24/7 for their guests, so do we for our clients.


From individually owned and operated mom & pops, to large chains and franchises, we cover it all. Not only will we help protect food inventory during a breakdown, but the business can remain open to serve their clients. This is important to avoid revenue losses during downtime.


We tend to the most prestigeous catered events, with some recognized around the world! Having multiple, professional Chefs all giving us thumbs up is the highest compliment! Whether a major tournament, cherished wedding, or important reunion, we have your needs covered on site.
portable refrigerator outside a seniors home

Care Facilities

We care deeply about society’s most vulnerable, and have covered many private and well-recognized chains of retirement homes and care facilities. During a breakdown or renovation, the residents’ daily routines will be unaffected, with meals being served at their regular times.

For Professional Use Only

Due to the food safe and health standard of the products we provide, we only service professionals in the food & beverage industry. We take great pride in offering world-class quality units equal to what any commercial kitchen already uses, and always deliver clean, well-maintained units time and time again.